The Kodiak Brown Bear Trust

The mission of the Kodiak Brown Bear Trust is to support conservation of Kodiak brown bears and protection of their wilderness habitats throughout the Kodiak Archipelago through funding and guidance of research, management, habitat protection and educational outreach projects. Since its inception, the Kodiak Brown Bear Trust has collaborated with multiple partners to invest more than $1 million in bear conservation throughout the Kodiak Archipelago and worldwide.

The Kodiak Brown Bear Trust was established in a 1981 Settlement Agreement to mitigate potential impacts on brown bears caused by construction and operation of the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Project, which was built, in part, on Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. The Kodiak Brown Bear Trust is directed by four volunteer Trustees, one each representing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Kodiak Electric Association, State of Alaska and three conservation groups.

The Kodiak Archipelago is one of the world’s most spectacular island ecosystems and supports high populations of brown bears, bald eagles, marine birds, salmon and other species. As such, work of the Kodiak Brown Bear Trust and its partners provides benefits to many wildlife species.

The Kodiak Brown Bear Trust is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that relies on tax-deductible contributions from conservation-minded citizens, businesses, and organizations to carry out its mission.